Asian Alliance International
Public Company Limited

Asian Alliance International Public Company Limited, We have been manufactured pet food and ready-to-eat human food for customers both domestically and internationally for over two decades with a registered capital of 2,125 million baht.

Our positioning as a co-developer that has been recognized by international brand customers in both pet food and shelf-stable human food.

Our Products The Quality you can trust.

We has continually develop our products with customers in terms of quality of raw materials and recipes until accepted. We are expanding production capacity to meet the increasing demands of our customers as well as estabished subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures to support R&D, marketing and distribution of products under own brands.

Investor Relations Q1Y2024 Key Performance

  • Sales Revenue
    1,489 Million Baht

  • Net Profit
    242 Million Baht

  • Total Capacity
    79,500 Tons / year