Company History

Asian Alliance International Public Company Limited is a subsidiary of Asian Sea Corporation Public Company Limited. Founded on March 15, 2005 with a paid-up capital of 200 million baht. In the early stages core business of the company was tuna processing for human food products (Ready to eat meal) and the rest from tuna processing such as tuna’s red meat is used as raw materials in wet pet food production. Tuna is commonly used as the main source of raw material for wet pet food because tuna provide high protein and competitive price compared to other raw materials.

In 2011, the company foreseen the opportunity in growing of premium wet pet food business as the trend of the world’s population began to enter the aging society and popular trends in treat pets as friends or as family members (Pet Humanization). Therefore, the company has changed the strategy by focusing into the premium pet food business.

The company has continually focused on the development of products both raw materials and recipe until accepted by customers. Currently, the company has a registered capital of 2,125 million baht and has expanded production capacity for pet food products in order to meet the needs of customers that are constantly increasing as well as established subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures to carry out the development of own pet food brands which is monchou Hajiko and PRO, and has a joint brand with Petrina, namely MARIA.

Milestone Development

  • ASIAN established AAI with a registered capital of 200 million baht to operate tuna product business and wet pet food products.
  • Increased registered capital to 1,200 million baht.
  • Adjusted business strategy by focusing more in premium pet food business.
  • Adjusted strategy for tuna business by considering orders with reasonable profit margin and focusing more in value added products.
  • Pet food business revenue increased significantly from the launched of premium pet food products which uses reformed meat as the base raw material.
  • Increased registered capital to 1,700 million baht.
  • Expand pet food production capacity to support the increasing demands of customers.
  • Start develop own brands by established APCC for marketing and distribution.
  • Established THAIYA in China for distribution own brand in China.
  • Invested in AGE which is joint-venture in German for expand OEM market.
  • Invested in IPN which is joint-venture for distrubution pet food brand MARIA.
  • Invested 200 million baht in Auto warehouse in order to support growth of business.
  • Launched pet food brand Monchou.
  • APCC and THAIYA co-invested with Shangdong Meisi Pet Food Co., Ltd. in dry pet food factory in China by established MEISI
  • Launched pet food brand Hajiko.
  • Restructuring the shareholding of pet food business under ASIAN group by allowing AAI to acquired shares in all companies in ASIAN group that relate to pet food business which includes APCC, THAIYA, AGE, IPN and MEISI.
  • Launched pet food brand Monchou Balanced.
  • Increased registered capital to 2,125 million baht.
  • Conversion to a public company limited.
  • APCC launched pet food brands Pro.