Responsible for efficient use of resources, efficient raw materials usage, efficient production process, and efficient labor use by automation, and efficient energy consumption, including efficiency improvement continuously.

Optimize natural resources consumption.

AAI operates under the concept of using natural resources for maximum benefit. The company procures whole tuna for production by using the meat of tuna to produce human food as well as using the remainder of tuna processing, such as red meat, is used as the main raw material in the production of wet pet food products, and the head, tail, bone, skin of tuna, the remainder of all tuna includes water from the steaming process of tuna to produce by-products such as fish meal, etc.


See The  ASIAN LINK Process

Automation processes

The risk of labor shortage as well as the cost-per worker tends to increase. These decrease the competitiveness of the organization, and is critical to the sustainable growth of the organization. Asian, therefore, has set it key policy for all subsidiaries to increase production capacity by automate its production lines so that manpower could be decrease, or at least maintain.

Continuously efficiency improvement

Efficiency improvement is one of the key culture in AAI as we realize that it is everybody responsibility. All business activities must be continuously improve to ensure that all limited resources used, such as raw material, labour, energy, will be optimized to serve our customers as well as to ensure that the waste will be minimized.