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Serve the best
for your pet

monchou pet food recipes made from 100% premium grade real meat to ensure that your beloved pets will be healthy as they have been serve with delicious and appropriate nutrition food.

  • Human Grade
    & Grain Free

  • No Rice

  • No Wheat Flour & Corn

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"Pets deserve special cares
as their health is important"

  • Protein from quality fish
  • Special dish for complete meal
  • Balance nutrition that perfect for pets
  • Pet food guarantee

Give them real fish meat with high protein that can develop muscle and energy that suits their behavior.

monchou balanced, the products which are rich in minerals under the AAFCO standard (Association of American Feed Control Officials) with the technology international standard. You will be assured that the product under the monchou brand is safe and full of quality.

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Your days are so busy.
Let's make it cherish with
Your four-legged besties.

Hajiko dog food has complete nutrition, high protein, and sodium control. It contains more than 20 types of essential nutrients and minerals for dogs, which support the immune system, develop muscles, and keep their coat smooth and shiny.

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We believe that the best pet food will make cats and dogs able to live in every situation and environment.

Therefore, food standards are the most important thing that we need to pay attention to, along with the proper prices. PRO cat and PRO dog food is made with protein-rich products as a main dish that comes with nutrients. This helps to create body balance under standard nutrition from AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) with delicious taste, ready for your cats and dogs to have a good quality of life like a pro!

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